PFS(Photon Path Finding Service)

PFS will be a Photon supporting function server written in go.

Installing PFS

  • A cluster of individual components, dealing with different aspects of the Photon protocol.


  • Go 1.8+
  • Postgres v10.0+

Setting up a development environment

# Get the code
git clone
cd Photon-Path-Finder

# Build it
go get
gb build


Postgres database setup

PFS requires a postgres database engine,version 10.0 or later. * Postgres downl * “” * Create role:

sudo -u postgres createuser -P pfs     # prompts for password
* Create database for PFS server:
sudo -u postgres createdb -O pfs pfs_nodeinfos
(On macOs omit sudo -u postgres from the above commands.)

PFS running parameters

  • Configuration parameters are stored at the file named “pathfinder.yaml”,you cannnot rename it, this file is in the same directory as the executable file.
  • The parameters that need to be configured according to the actual application environment are:
  • registory_address :hex encoded address of the registry contract(e.g:0xd66d3719E89358e0790636b8586b539467EDa596)
  • address :The ethereum address you would link pfs to use sign transaction on ethereum
  • keystore_path :Path for the ethereum keystore directory
  • eth_rpc_endpoint :”host:port” address of ethereum JSON-RPC server, also accepts a protocol prefix (ws:// or ipc channel) with optional port
  • password-file :Text file containing password for provided account
  • chain_id :Chain id identifies the current chain and is used for replay protection

  • pfs->server_name:PFS name(default:”localhost”)

  • ratelimited->stationary_feerate_default:Default fee rate,if you do not fill in,default as “0.0001”

  • logging->params->path :The path of log file

  • database->nodeinfos :The database connection string in postgres,that is data source name.

Starting a PFS server



It’s still very much a work in progress.